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Administering Dog Vitamins & Health supplements All dogs are not the same when it comes to health and body strength. Some will require more attention than others in ensuring they are healthy and vigorous.Older dogs will need to be fed with foods rich in glutamine to keep them healthy.It will ensure their bones are strong and the dog will be more energetic. calming agents will assist pets in general to manage stress.When dogs are to take long distances, they need calming aids to help them manage stress.You need to consult a vet if you are thinking of giving your vet some vitamins.You will be happy to know that you are doing the right thing. Some people share their vitamins with their vets.In the United states the number of those who are giving their pets vitamins is on the increase.Most people give their animals multi vitamins, and supplements to lessen the impact of arthritis.Others are fatty acids that reduce shedding in dogs as well as improving the coat’s appearance.Some of the pet owners give them antioxidants to counter attack the aging effects. With the increasing number of aging dogs that are overweight, the use of supplements is expected to skyrocket.That means the dogs should be given the vitamins according to their needs.You will, therefore, need to consult a vet to help you identify the best dog joint supplements.
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It is important to note that that anything in excess could be harmful to the body.If you are already feeding your dog with a balanced diet; you do not need to add more vitamins.Feeding your dog with too much calcium may end up causing the dog skeletal problems.Likewise excess vitamin A is harmful to the blood vessels.That the condition may later lead to dehydration and excessive pain in the joints.excess vitamin D in the body leads to the refusal of food as well as issues with muscles. That means even what is good to the body needs to be controlledSuppliments can increase the life of your pet but they should be in the right proportion.Asking a vet to advise you is a prudent thing to do.You will know the best way to help your animal.