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Family Getaways to Pennsylvania Dutch Country

It is hard to imagine exactly what Pennsylvania Dutch Country is like without ever having been there or even see pictures of it. Pennsylvania Dutch Country is a beautiful place and many people are unaware of how great it really can be. In Lancaster County, which is where Pennsylvania Dutch Country is located, there are tons of beautifully painted homes and fields that go on for miles. This part of Lancaster County is located at just about 65 miles from Philadelphia. It truly looks like a painting and when you get there, you will know exactly what I mean.

You are able to see for miles and miles away while visiting Pennsylvania Dutch Country and seeing all of the wildlife that this area has to offer. There are fences that outline prairies and when viewing from above, you can see many different colored squares of land. When you are visiting, you will be able to tell that a lot of people that live here really do care about the properties that surround them and taking care of the nature as best as they can. Many of the Amish communities that live here have traditions that they have been able to carry on throughout their lives and the lives of those that came before them. In addition to this, there are also many artisans and other individuals that make downtown a very fun place to be.

In this part of Pennsylvania, people are not going to be judged based on the money they make or the size of their home like they may be in other cities. You have the chance to see what live used to be like here and also what modern advancements have caused it to become. Pennsylvania Dutch Country is a great place for people to live because there are so many welcoming personalities and when you come here on a getaway with the rest of your family, you will be able to see this for yourself.

There are parts of this area that often get crowded with tourists, but many people don’t stay for long and just stay for the shops. It is unfortunate that many people view this area as a place to simply drive through. There is commercialism, but there is also the one room schoolhouses, farms, factories, and all of the reminders of what the area used to be. You have the opportunity to really explore an area that has been around for many years.

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