How To Make A House Smell Good To Increase Buyer Interest

When someone wishes to sell a home, potential buyers will be likely to walk through the structure to see if it suits their needs. When walk-throughs are being conducted by a real estate agent, those viewing the home will be aware of the sights, sounds, and smells around them. It is important to make a house smell good when a sale is desired. Here are some tips that can be used to aid in making a home have a pleasing fragrance.

Offer Treats To Those Visiting

Putting on a fresh pot of coffee and baking cookies for people looking through the home will not only give them a warm welcome, but will also aid in giving the home a pleasing scent. Since the first thing people visiting will smell will be inviting, they will be more inclined to be at ease while viewing the interior of the home with their snack. Make sure the real estate agent prepares the items in the hour before they expect visitors for the best results.

Use A Scenting System

A scenting system is a device that allows for a scent to be pushed into a specific area. This is used as a marketing tactic to give customers a memorable smell to associate with a specific brand or product. In a real estate setting, scenting can be done with this type of device to aid in making older homes smell appealing. The device can be discretely positioned under a cabinet or in a closet and will push the scent into the space to be enjoyed by those visiting homes.

Try Lighting Candles Or Using Oils

Scented candles and oils can be used in a home to mask unfavorable odors. These will need to be placed out in areas where visitors will be frequenting to be effective. They will also need to be positioned in the hours or minutes before people are expected to arrive for a showing. This way the scent will have some time to disperse into the room beforehand. For safety reasons, it is important to ensure candles are extinguished before everyone on the premises leaves.